How to install and play Dungeon Keeper 1 and Deeper Dungeons under Windows 7 64-bit

I had a difficult time getting Dungeon Keeper 1 to work under Windows 7 64-bit. The DOSBox method installs a 16bit copy version of Dungeon Keeper which can not be run without DOSBox so this wouldn’t do for me.

Unfortunately, the automated installer that comes with Dungeon Keeper is also a 16-bit application but luck would have it that Dungeon Keeper itself is a full-fledged 32-bit application and can thus be run on 64-bit systems with some emulation.

The below applies to the Windows 95 version. (Located in Keeper/WinSetup)
The DOS version you can install using DOSBox. (Located in Keeper/DOSSETUP)
I have not (yet) been able to get the D3D version to work.

Operating system: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit (Service Pack 1)

Game version: Dungeon Keeper 1 Gold (Dungeon Keeper / Deeper Dungeons)


  • Dungeon Keeper 1 will no longer need the CD in the drive to play. (But Deeper Dungeons will)

Problem 1:  Installing Dungeon Keeper 1 Gold with the English language.

Step 1

  1. Navigate to the installation media (CD, ISO, et cetera)
  2. Right click on the Keeper folder and click copy
  3. Paste the folder where you intend on installing the game

Step 2

  1. Navigate to the Keeper\sound\atlas\english\ directory
  2. Select all the sound files and copy them
  3. Paste them into Keeper\sound\atlas

Step 3

  1. Navigate to the Keeper\sound\speech\english directory
  2. Select SPEECH.DAT and copy the file
  3. Paste this file into Keeper\sound

Step 4

  1. Navigate to the Keeper\data\english directory
  2. Select DD1TEXT.DAT and TEXT.DAT
  3. Paste these files into Keeper\data\

Step 5

  1. Navigate to the Keeper root folder (E.g. D:\games\keeper\)
  2. Create a new folder called save

Step 6* (see addendum below!)

  1. Navigate to the Dungeon Keeper root folder (E.g. D:\games\keeper\)
  2. Create a new text file and name it keeper.cfg
  3. Enter these lines in respective order:
    • INSTALL_PATH=D:\games\keeper\
  4. Adjust the path to reflect your own game and save the file.

*When editing keeper.cfg It is very important that you start at the absolute beginning of the text file and that each line is followed by a line break. White space might break the file and cause the game to not work. Do NOT use anything other than a plain text editor such as Notepad++ or Microsoft Notepad.

Problem 2, 3 and 4

  • Dungeon Keeper crashes after the initial splash screen and shows a black window
  • Dungeon Keeper crashes intermittently during gaming
  • Dungeon Keeper menus and world map show a psychedelic colour palette
  1. Download the zipped batch file and fixes
  2. Download and install 7-Zip 64-bit
  3. Right click on dungeonkeeper95_win7_64bit.7z
  4. Select 7-Zip and go to Extract to “dungeonkeeper95_win7_64bit”
  5. Open the newly created dungeonkeeper95_win7_64bit.7z folder
  6. Execute dk95_compatibility_fix.bat
  7. (Required) Press 1 and enter to install the compatiblity fix
  8. (Optional) Press 3 and enter to install the colour fix
  9. Press 6 and enter to exit the batch file and start Dungeon Keeper as you would any other application

Problem 5: You want to play Dungeon Keeper 1 and Deeper Dungeons in Dutch, French, Polish, Spanish or Swedish.
the word LANGUAGE to one of the aforementioned languages.

Step 1

  1. Navigate to the Keeper\sound\atlas\LANGUAGE\ directory
  2. Select all the sound files and copy them
  3. Paste them into Keeper\sound\atlas
  4. Overwrite if prompted.

Step 2

  1. Navigate to the Keeper\sound\speech\LANGUAGE directory
  2. Select SPEECH.DAT and copy the file
  3. Paste this file into Keeper\sound
  4. Overwrite if prompted.

Step 3

  1. Navigate to the Keeper\data\LANGUAGE directory
  2. Select DD1TEXT.DAT and TEXT.DAT
  3. Paste these files into Keeper\data\
  4. Overwrite if prompted.

Step 4

  1. Open keeper.cfg in the Keeper root folder
  2. Amend ENG to the first three letters of the name of the language of your choice
    • DUT for Dutch
    • FRE for French
    • POL for Polish
    • SPA for Spanish
    • SWE for Swedish
  3. Save the file.


98 Comments on “How to install and play Dungeon Keeper 1 and Deeper Dungeons under Windows 7 64-bit”

  1. holr says:

    Absolutely fantastic. Took me a while to find this site for windows 95 dungeon keeper; you wouldn’t believe the number of places that keep saying “use keeperFX, you don’t need the original!” Well I have a genuine use case; I have a “linx8” tablet (a litte 1.3ghz atom-powered, windows 8.1 tablet) which is great. Unfortunately the dos version of DK is a little slow for comfort through dosbox, and keeperFX requires more power still. Your windows fixes for the windows 95 version of DK does just the trick :-) Thanks!

  2. Wayne says:


    Thanks for the setup tutorial, worked like a charm… still got an issue though.

    My Deeper Dungeons works well but the Keeper95 crashes when I try get past the main menu. For a couple of seconds its fine but then the color goes psychedelic. If i select options the menu is fine, soon as I go back to the main menu it goes psychedelic again. If I select a new game it bombs out. I ran the color fix so I don’t quite understand why it isn’t working.

    Got any advice for me?

    • gamefixes says:

      The only thing I can think of is that your DKII Deeper Dungeons executable isn’t named the way it is in the registry fix. Have you looked into adjusting it if that is the case? It needs to be named the exact same way or else Windows won’t know that it has to apply the fix. It applies the fix every time it executes the game, you see.

  3. david says:

    i get everyting to work, almost.. xD the colourifx dont work ^^ i have some crasy color, fells like i am really high ;)

    • gamefixes says:

      Strange but it may simply not work with certain videocards or driver versions. Did you try updating the latter just to be certain?

      You might also want to try adding the colour fix manually, I believe I’ve got some information on how to do so in the text file included with the fix.

  4. bliesmann says:

    would be awesome if you made a video because i dont know jack shit about cmd or dosbox :s

    • gamefixes says:

      You don’t need to run the DosBox version if you follow the instructions, they’re for Windows.

      I never considered making a video. Do you think that would be more useful than written instructions?

      • TuesdaysEyebrow says:

        I sure do, seeing as I learn visually.

      • bliesmann says:

        it think it would be more helpful :D plz leave a like if you ever do :)

      • gamefixes says:

        Alright, I’ll look into this when I’ve got some spare time. I’m kind of surprised you consider it useful, personally, I dislike video how-to’s because I can not skip to the relevant content quick enough

      • bliesmann says:

        is anything happening with that vid or :S ?

      • gamefixes says:

        Sorry, I don’t have the time for it at the moment. A lot of work goes into editing and cutting a video. On top of that, I am no longer using Windows (Switched to Ubuntu Linux) which means I might not be able to reproduce the guide above.

  5. TuesdaysEyebrow says:

    Hey, I did everything you said. it continues past the initial splash, and shows the beginning cinematic, then it goes to the flaming disk, and then it turns black and gives me the screen: “Keeper95.exe has stopped working”, like when you close TES IV: Oblivion. My uncle (Who has been nearly everywhere in the industry, and writes his own drivers) says that it sounds like it’s trying to load data that isn’t there. Do you have any clue how to fix this?

    • TuesdaysEyebrow says:

      I should also mention that I am running Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit on my dad’s old Gateway laptop

      • gamefixes says:

        Your problem isn’t specific enough for me to be able to come up with an answer. You might want to go over the entire guide again to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Maybe something went wrong while copying all the files off the CD?

        Did you try running the game while having MSCONFIG set to diagnostic startup to see if there are any other programs interfering with Dungeon Keeper?

      • TuesdaysEyebrow says:

        Yeah, I tried that already, and it still crashes right after the flaming disk. The DOSBox technique works, but It’s got some annoying quirks (ex. the cursor shakes around he screen) I really don’t get what makes my case so special. :/

      • gamefixes says:

        Maybe the source is damaged. If you downloaded it off the Internet, you should try another copy.

      • TuesdaysEyebrow says:

        I figured it out! It was so obvious when I actually did it. The .BAT file wasn’t installing the compatibility fixes for some reason, so I just had to do it manually:
        Windows->cmd.exe->cd to directory (for example: C:\DOSBox_Root\Dungeon Keeper Gold\dungeonkeeper95_win7_64bit\)->cd compatibility_layer->sdbinst.exe dk95.sdb.
        it ran for a half second and the next time I opened Keeper95.exe, it worked! (With the occasional color error) I feel dumb now.

      • gamefixes says:

        Glad to hear you got it to work and thanks for the intel.

  6. Sped says:

    Good day! Im somewhat challenged when it comes to computers and ive gone through problems 1 to 4…but I have no idea how to find a root file, so step 5 and 6 are beyond me when im (hopefully) SO close to playing this game again. can someone please give me a hand with this please?

    • gamefixes says:

      When I say “root folder” I mean the folder that the Dungeon Keeper executable resides in.

      Root folder means the top most folder. All the other folders inside that folder are considered subfolders,

      Does that clear things up?

  7. Blissy says:

    Some people, like me, could have or be having trouble with your batch file. I fixed it by putting quotes around the filepath\filenames. A space in the file path breaks it. (like “Program Files” or “Dungeon Keeper” folders for instance.)

  8. Kit says:

    I’ve followed all the steps to the letter and my main game works perfectly. Tried to run deeper dungeons and it loaded up to the menu fine but when trying to start a game it encounters an error and closes without any detailed explanation.

    Are there any additional files that need moving/tweaking to get this to work correctly?

    • gamefixes says:

      No, the only problem I had with Deeper Dungeons was that A) the map selection menu scrolled too rapidly and B) you needed the CD inserted (or ISO mounted) to play.

      Did you try a different ISO/CD? Perhaps some of the Deeper Dungeon files are damaged.

      I’m going to give Deeper Dungeons another go to see if there’s something wrong with my fixes just in case, I’ll report back in a few days.

    • gamefixes says:

      I’ve just tried it out and I do not experience any crashes when I start a game. No idea why yours crashes!

  9. SoupCan says:

    I’ve managed to do everything you said. It loads the splash page, then the intro cinematic sequence. If I click to skip it, or if I wait for it to end anyway, it goes onto a screen with a big red CD with fire around it. I can’t remember if this was a loading screen or if it was a disc missing screen. Once it goes onto that screen, it crashes and windows pops up with the usual “this game is not responding rubbish”. Any idea of what I can do?

    • gamefixes says:

      Does this happen to Deeper Dungeons or Dungeon Keeper as well? Try loading the game with the .ISO mounted, this is a requirement for Deeper Dungeons (But shouldn’t be for Dungeon Keeper) If that’s not it, you might want to go over the guide one more time to make sure you’ve put all the files in the right directories. It sounds a bit like the game is trying to load data but is unable to find it.

      Also make sure that you are not running the game with any compatibility modes enabled.

      • SoupCan says:

        Just Dungeon Keeper, haven’t tried Deeper Dungeons yet. How would I disable compatibility modes or check if I am running the game with them enabled? (Sorry, this isn’t my area).

        Is there any chance that the data may be corrupt? I’ve had the original Dungeon Keeper Gold disc for many years, it’s got a few scratches on it, but it always worked on our Windows 98 PC (even with the scratches). If it is potentially corrupt do you have any advice on what to do?

      • gamefixes says:

        You can check if any compatibility modes are running by right clicking on the executable (keeper95.exe), clicking on properties and then going to compatibility. The boxes should all be unticked.

        If you think the files might be corrupted you could try to obtain an .ISO of the gold edition. Shouldn’t be hard to find but I can’t explain how to do so here.

        Starting over from scratch and going over the guide one more time might just do as well, there are a lot of steps to be taken and I know from personal experience that it is very easy to overlook something when dealing with so many steps.

        Could you see if Deeper Dungeons works, by the way?

      • SoupCan says:

        Deeper Dungeons had the same problem, I’ll check the compatibility and such and message you back with what I find. Thanks for the help.

      • SoupCan says:

        Did all the steps again, as well as checking the compatibility tab. Everything was unchecked. Still having the same problem. Don’t know why it isn’t working, but I’m ‘obtaining’ an ISO now, 0.75MBits Download Speed, so it will take a very long time unfortunately. Shame that the CD doesn’t work with every windows PC anyway, you’d think microsoft would allow everything that worked on an older generation operating system to carry on working on newer ones. Oh well.

      • SoupCan says:

        Okay, exact same problem. I downloaded a new ISO with all the correct stuff in it, did every step of this fix and it goes through the intro sequence and then a disc screen comes up and the game crashes and then goes into a small black screen in the top left corner. The only thing different is that windows doesn’t have a warning pop up to tell me it’s not responding. Not sure what to do. Help.

      • gamefixes says:

        Perhaps some program or service is interfering with the game’s execution. You could try running the game in safe mode although I do not know if 3D applications can be run in safe mode …


        If the game does indeed run there, you’ll have to find out what program causes the problem.

        Another solution would be to use DOSBox and install the DOS version instead … I have no guide for that, though.

      • SoupCan says:

        After some research I also found that potential cause, I just went through the task manager and stopped the processes that weren’t crucial for the computer to run. I then tried to run DK and it didn’t work again, same problem. I haven’t tried safe mode yet, but I might should it be worth it. You see I ended up installing the DOS version with DOSBox, and that works just fine for me at the moment. The only reason I didn’t in the first place is because I thought the DOS version was worse in some way or another. Is it worth installing the windows version? What’s going to be different? (If it’s worth it I’ll carry on trying to fix the problem, but for now the dos version is great).

      • gamefixes says:

        I have never played the MS-DOS version so I can’t tell you what the differences are. There is a (better looking) 3DFX version of DK1 that can only be run under Windows but I haven’t gotten it to work yet. (Hasn’t been much of a priority)

        I don’t think that you’re missing out on anything by playing the MS-DOS version.

  10. Irwin says:

    I’ve done everything (several times to be sure I did it right) my game still wont even start up… I click the keeper.exe icon, and the windows loader shows up for 3 secs and nothing happens… any ideas? (Also I cant install the patch….)

    • gamefixes says:

      Which patch are you referring to? Do you receive any errors through any part of the process?

      • Irwin says:

        I recieve zero errors. I was referring to an earlier post:

        “Did you try forcing Windows 98 or Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode on the Keeper95.exe and then running the batch file?
        What videocard and driver version are you using?
        Have you tried patching the game? (Security Essentials reports it as clean)

        The error I get when trying to patch is “the version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows you are using….. ” and it goes on suggesting that I try to find out wether I need an 32 bit or 64 bit version to run the patch.

        Me trying to patch the game was sort of a last resort to get the game working. I want to play the “ancient keeper” user made campaign. However I’ve tried pretty much everything I can think of. I got dungeon keeper (not deeper) working with dosbox, however that installation doesn’t creat the files I need to customize the game into the “ancient keeper” version.

        In virtual machine (running xp sp 3) I got it working (like 1 out of 5 times… and I have no idea why or how, it seems to have trouble starting up and some ctrl-alt-del, and some alt tabbing is sometimes the key to make it start) however when I get it running it only runs in a very small sized window, kind of like 1/8 of my screen and only in the center.

        Then I tried your version. When I “install it” without your guide the first thing it says (when I run setup.exe from the cd or copy paste the entire cd to a new location) was something about the program not installed correctly and if I wanted to install again, I press reinstall and nothing happens. The second time I click setup nothing happens. After I installed your fixes whenever I click any exe files be it setup or keeper/deeper it just makes the windows loading icon for around 1-5 seconds and then nothing happens. And I cant get it to make the install error again. It seems the tinkering I’ve done have made that disappear :/

        any ideas?

      • Irwin says:

        Okay, after alot of work I finally (with help from a friend) got dk working on a virtual machine. Seems to be working flawless. No crashes, nothing. Except for the mouse. It keeps jumping randomly around the screen.
        Makes the game close to unplayable…. any clue to fixing that?

      • gamefixes says:

        Not a clue as to why that might be happening, I ran Dungeon Keeper under Windows XP to help me obtain some information I needed and it seemed to run okay out of the box there.

        I suppose that under certain circumstances, my guide might not work properly. If anything I wrote seems like it’d be open for more than one interpretation, let me know and I’ll clear it up.

        Windows retains some compatibility settings even when you remove the files, it’s possibly that if you somehow mess something up; you won’t be able to get it back to work unless you find the corresponding registry entries … Every change made with my batch file can also be undone with the batch file. For any other changes you might have made, I suggest you find out where to find it in the registry. (Also, make sure that you’re not trying to play the game with a compatibility layer other than forcing directdraw emulation, it results in the behaviour that you described.) also not having a proper keeper.cfg results in an executable that doesn’t work.

      • Irwin says:

        Right! I got it working. Thank you so much for this fix. I have no idea why it didnt work before, but when I got a friends version of an already installed copy of DK and ran your fixes on it… it worked… no problems :)

        Thanks again!

      • gamefixes says:

        Good to hear! I think some Dungeon Keeper Gold editions might be damaged, I had a damaged version myself (the Direct3D executable was corrupted) and obtained another one that did work.

  11. Just a note to gamefixes:

    I couldn’t get the game working with your patching batch file; it crashed consistently when clicking Start New Game.

    However, the DirectDraw wrapper from made the game work for me, without any compatibility modes or other patches. I haven’t experimented a lot with it, but my settings for the ddraw wrapper config file (which I just set from intuition) were

    RealDDrawPath = AUTO
    BltMirror = 0
    BltNoTearing = 0
    ColorFix = 1
    DisableHighDpiScaling = 0
    FakeVsync = 0
    ForceDirectDrawEmulation = 1
    SingleProcAffinity = 1
    ForceBltNoTearing = 0
    NoVideoMemory = 1

    I hope this’ll help other players.

    • Nyerguds says:

      Well, seems like my intuition failed me. Works a lot better without disabling video memory thing, and a lot of the other fixes I used seem unnecessary as well.

      • gamefixes says:

        All it needs is the forcedirectdraw_emulation to work under Windows 7 64-bit, the other fixes are indeed unnecessary. Did you follow the instructions to the letter?

      • Nyerguds says:

        Yep… followed them completely. The colour fix worked (I know it would; I’ve done the exact same fix for Command & Conquer ’95), but the compatibility one didn’t prevent the crashes at all. I tried this on a Sony VAIO laptop, Win7, 64 bit.

        As for the ddwrapper options, it seemed to work fine with just the colour fix, actually. The only problem I still had was super fast speed on some parts, like scrolling the mission selection view from the tower, and the stats after a mission. This was especially annoying since it also happens on scrolling the list in the expansion, which makes it nigh-impossible to select anything except the first page of scenarios, or scroll down to seeing only the very last scenario.

        Some people in the Command & Conquer community had already worked with the “wrapping DDraw” idea, but the implementation made for Command & Conquer (a project called CnC-DDraw) had, besides some specific options for the game, a frame rate limiter to get around the game’s own fast scroll problem. This more general DDraw wrapper seems to be lacking that, unfortunately.

      • gamefixes says:

        The overly fast scrolling is one problem I can’t think of a fix for. there used to be these programs that would slow down your CPU but I have no idea if they are still around.

        Odd that the game crashed for you when starting a new game. The crashes I (and some others) experienced were only during playing and that is fixed with the batch file. (Windows 7 reporting memory Windows 98 style)

      • Nyerguds says:

        Well, as I said, a fix for that fast scroll could be built into ddwrapper quite easily, by making a simple frame rate limiting option. I might have a look at that code. I still got the old CPUGrab app though, yes. That should help.

        Seems like the game’s map editor works fine too with the ddwrapper dll, but has even more problems with stuff going too fast.

  12. Joshua Brown says:

    I have done everything mentioned before, I could go into details but then it’d prbly just look like I’m just reposting what you posted. I get click the Keeper95.exe and get the initial screen, then it goes black, and closes.

    • Joshua Brown says:

      I downloaded the mentioned file but don’t have the forcedemulation thing.

      • gamefixes says:

        The instructions have been updated, go over them again and let me know how it goes. I’ve tested them over and over and they continue to work for me. If they do not work for you, I’m going to need more specific information about what step it goes wrong at.

  13. i did every step. but the bin file dont work, it dosent find the keeper95.exe or the deeper95.exe and when i open the Keeper95.exe i just got a pic on the horny dreper(spelling?) and then it shut down. =/

    • gamefixes says:

      Bin file? Do you mean batch file? Did you put the batch file inside the same directory as the executables (.exe)?

      Also check out Greggerypeccary’s comment below this one if you can’t get the game to work.

      • ye, i did, but this dont help.
        and there is problem whit the forcedirectdrawemulation.bat i can open it but after i type 1 and enter, the following text appear. C:\program is not a executable file.

      • gamefixes says:

        Is “C:\program is not a executable file.” the entire error that you see? Are you using the Gold Edition? The above steps will not work on the Direct3D version or DOS version and I am not sure if they will work on anything other than the Gold Edition.

      • i have gold edition on CD. but i will install windows vista 32 bit on a vitural machine. it worked the last time i played. the error i got is in swe so it´s hard to me to translate the entire text. the batch file cant find the keeper map. can i edit it some how?

      • gamefixes says:

        Are you sure that you placed the batch file in the same directory as the keeper95.exe file? If it tells you it can’t find the file, chances are you haven’t got the batch file in the right position.

        You can edit the batch file using any text editor but I would recommend the Open Source text-editor because it makes it easier to read than the default notepad. Do not edit it with an Office program or Wordpad and the like. You’ll need some knowledge of MS-DOS commands to make sense of it, though.

      • i did al steps over again. and it worked. finally! but i cant even build before the game shuts down =/ got any tip to get the game running? =)

      • gamefixes says:


        I have updated my post and ironed out some inconsistencies and I also added another step that needs to be taken before the menu will display text, something which I seemed to have omitted the first time around. For example, it seems highly important that the keeper.cfg file is as cleanly formatted as possible or else the game will refuse to run and I made mention of this(This may help out some of the people who reported that it did not work for them earlier on)

        You also need to copy two files from the data folder (problem 1, step 4) which I did not mention earlier on.

        I followed my own instructions to the letter and I could not get the game to crash while building and digging tunnels on the first map. You might want to try it again from the start with my updated instructions.

      • nice. really god! now there is color fix and it stil shuts down =/ i was on the second level and in the end it stop workin. but god work!

      • gamefixes says:

        Hello David,

        I see what you mean with the crashing, it also happened to me on the first level during a fight.
        However, if you create a folder called “save” and put that in the Keeper root folder, you will be able to save your game so that should negate most of the frustration if you save often.

        I don’t know if I’ll be able to find the source of the crashing, I haven’t even had the time to play the game until now. Could you tell me what you were doing when you crashed?

      • i dont do anyting special. i just play. once it happend on the second level, almost in the end of the game. it can crash then i pick up the monsters and it can crash when i kill or mark the dirt for digging. but most of the crashing happens at the end of the first level. i hope that info is any helpfull

      • I have noticed that the game shuts down when some big things comes up. like a fly that fly in to a emeny base and/or activat a trap. or a big fight. or a hidden room i find.

      • gamefixes says:

        I think the problem that’s causing the crashes is simply inherent compatibility of the game with modern versions of Windows.

        The only thing I could come up with was forcing the game to run in Windows 98 compatibility mode but it doesn’t seem to stack with forcing direct draw emulation and the game ended up not running. There is another way of doing it through the compatibility program I mentioned in the notes, probably.

        Unfortunately, I currently do not have the time to pursue a fix for the crashes since they are pretty random. If you have a save game right before a crash, let me know so I can experiment with it.

      • the crashes is random and hard to save before. i have to change my gaming style because of the craches. i cant look directly at the enemies then they spawn or drop to many emenys at the heart neder can i look att the heart then it exploades. so if you play the game and do that and the other things I have mentioned then you maby can solve the craches. on the 3 level it´s easier to find the problem then on the 1 and 2 lv.

      • gamefixes says:

        A solution that so far seems to work is to add GlobalMemoryStatusLie as a Compatibility Fix using the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit (On top of Layer_ForceDirectDrawEmulation!). I am on level 3 right now and like you reported, it crashes very often (Especially when posessing creatures and during battle). With GlobalMemoryStatusLie enabled, I can’t get the game to crash at all.

        Trying to incorporate the fix into the batch file.

        Watch this space.

      • I almost get what i should do xD i have Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit but i dont now how to get the “GlobalMemoryStatusLie” in to the batch file. can you paste the text som i can copy and paste it in the batch file directly?

      • gamefixes says:

        You can’t, unfortunately. I had to devise an entirely different way of getting the fix out. I’ve created a custom compatibility layer which you can install through a batch file. (Or manually, but I suggest you use my batch file) It seems to work alright here so let me know if it does for you as well. Fetch it here: (Link removed, see article for latest version)

        See included readme.txt for more instructions. I’m going to play and test the game some more with this new solution and if it keeps working, I’ll update the article. You can be my beta tester. :)

        Forgot to mention: You only need to execute this batch file once. Don’t use it in combination with the old batch file because that will probably negate the effects of the new one!

        Seems to work quite well for me so far. No crashes whatsoever.

    • you have to be a god!! i is working great!!! but the color in the main menu still dont work, but how cares about that! and i wont buy you just one beer if i meet you, i will get you really drunk! xD the instruktion is a little hard to READ. because the text has no spaces and are therefore a bit hard to read. but i get it and it was easy to follow. thanks!!!

      • gamefixes says:

        Thanks for testing it! I am working on the colour issue as some people have already found a solution for other games that seems to work for Dungeon Keeper as well. Still testing it but so far so good. I’m incorporating it into the batch file and it’ll be done in a few days.

      • gamefixes says:

        Alright, I’ve written a new batch file that includes the colour fix: (Link removed, see article for latest version)

        You will first want to use the old batch file to remove the old compatibility fix as I’ve included an updated one that also works for Deeper Dungeons.

        After that, you can install the new compatibility fix and the colour fix with the new batch file.

        (Don’t try to remove the old compatibility fix with the new batch file, this most likely will not work)

        Let me know how this works for you so I can start rewriting the article.

        Sometimes the psychedelic colours still show up but most of the time, the menus look as they used to way back. (Alt + tabbing still breaks the colours, though)

      • link is broken =(

      • gamefixes says:

        Same link as in the article: . Should work.

        Don’t forget to uninstall the old fix first with the old batch file!

      • I didnt understand the instructions so much. I just removed the file (batch) and then I replaced it with the other file that I downloaded. and after installation that not completely wanted to work, color fix did not work. and on the second to last level that I’m at, it´s laggy when I wont to kill the enemy. I figured I’d remove everything and do it from the start again. it might work better then ^ ^

      • gamefixes says:

        Did you run the batch file you removed to remove the old fix? It’s important because unlike everyone else, you had a beta version that was slightly different so the new fix might not take for you. if it doesn’t work let me know and I’ll need you to take a look at a few registry entries and remove them by hand.

      • i removed it al, and then copy from my cd again, and followed the instructions to the letter and now everything is working just fine! =) even the deeper is working great. perfect!

      • oh, hehe, deeper worked bec i have the cd in xD

      • gamefixes says:

        Yeah, you’ll have to keep the Deeper Dungeon CD in the drive if you want to play. I’m sure there’s a work-around for that but I won’t be posting it here. ;)

  14. greggerypeccary says:

    Followed instructions to the letter, crashes after splash, nothing happens if i use .bat file.

    File extensions are enabled and 100% correct, so is the code in the .cfg file.

    Will report if i manage to get it working.

  15. CaptCShadow says:

    I copied all the files over as the steps say, but when I try to start the game, nothing happens.

    • gamefixes says:

      Did you create the text file called keeper.cfg and are you running the game with the batch file I wrote?

      • CaptCShadow says:

        Yes, I created the text file, and tried to run the game with the batch file but the game still does not even start.

      • gamefixes says:

        And you enabled the show file name extensions when creating that text file? It’s important that it’s a .cfg file and not a .txt file.

        If you’re running anything other than Windows 7 SP1 64bit Ultimate you might want to try the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.6 so that you can perhaps force it to run in both Windows 98 mode AND force direct-draw emulation. My batch-file only does the latter. You can create “profiles” with this program, you don’t need to use Microsoft’s preset profiles.

      • CaptCShadow says:

        It definitely says .cfg, though it says it’s a text document, does this mean that it isn’t actually a .cfg file?

        I am running Windows 7 SP1 64bit Home. Would this not just be technically the same thing anyway?

      • gamefixes says:

        So in the Windows Explorer under “type” it says TXT file and not CFG file? Because it needs to say CFG file otherwise it will not work.


        Windows hides the .txt extension by default, you need to turn that behaviour off under folder options or else the .cfg file won’t take. (See footnotes in the article)

  16. CaptCShadow says:

    I tried the install but it still doesn’t work. I have Dungeon Keeper Gold which the setup doesn’t work for. Any help?

    • gamefixes says:

      I was only able to run the setup once and I had no idea how to reproduce it so I ended up having to copy the files manually as described in “problem 1”.

      What step are you stuck at and what error(s) are you getting?

  17. PClaydon says:

    dungeon keeper works but keeps crashing during game play

  18. corkertronC says:

    Thanks for the guide.

    Unfortunately when I followed it, I wasn’t able to get the game to work. I was still getting the problems outlined in problem 2, whether I run the game using the batch file or from Keeper95.exe. I’m running Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit), and have an old CD version of the game (not Gold). I didn’t use Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit, as I’ve never used it before. Do you have any other suggestions?

  19. pozmu says:

    Thx for the info but forcedirectdrawemulation.bat download link is down, could you provide alternative link or just paste its contest into article? Thx

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